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FMC tariff & Service Contract compliant value-added-service since 1991 for Licensed OTI NVOCCs, foreign registred NVOCCs and Carriers (VOCCs).

OTI application service is offered for new Ocean Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs. 

Tariff service with real shipping people (no computer nerds) verifying your data before it will be processed into a central database available to the FMC, as per FMC Rules and Regulations.


Two Car Carriers Pay $2.3 Million in Penalties 


FMC is considering the following:


(Public comments were requested by August 30, 2013)

  • Increase OTI NVOCC bond minimums from $75,000 to $100,000;

  • Ocean freight forwarder bonds from $50,000 to $75,000; and

  • Foreign NVOCCs registered to do business in the U.S. trades from $150,000 to $200,000.

  • The Commissionís ANPRM proposes that licensed or registered OTIs be required to renew its license every two years. OTIs would be able to do this by submitting an updated renewal form. Currently, there is no requirement for an OTI to renew its license. The Commissionís experience has shown that too many OTIs cannot be found at the address of record, operate without a current Qualifying Individual, with new or different branch offices, new or different officers, or with previously unknown or unregistered trade names. Out of date information has resulted in futile attempts to locate licensed OTIs in investigations, enforcement actions and private complaints.

  • The ANPRM also proposes that OTIs require their agents to include the principalís name, address, and license number on shipping documents prepared or issued by agents on behalf of the principal. To address those harmful shipping practices such as failure to deliver the cargo and refusal to return the pre-paid ocean freight, loss of the cargo, significant delay in delivery, charges to the shipper for marine insurance that was never obtained, the list goes on Ė this proposal attempts to provide transparency and clarity on the agent and principal relationship of OTIs.

  • To address practices in the OTI industry that harm the shipping public, the ANPRM proposes that the qualified individual representing the licensed OTI have three years of OTI experience with a registered or licensed OTI. That person would also have to be at least 21 years old, be responsible for the general supervision of the licenseeís operations, and meet the statuteís character requirements, in order to obtain an OTI license.

  • The existing provision that foreign-based OTIs who wish to obtain an FMC license must establish a presence in the U.S. by opening an unincorporated office is clarified to newly require that it is qualified to do business where it is located, and staffed and operated by a full-time bona fide employee.

  • The ANPRM seeks comments on filing and payment of claims, priorities for claims, and methods of improving reporting provisions by surety companies to promote faster and fairer allocation to claimants.

  • The ANPRM seeks to further streamline the Commissionís processes by ensuring its records are up-to-date so that the Commission and the public do not waste valuable time attempting to contact licensees. Similarly, streamlining the revocation of the license will alert the shipping public that it should not do business with that OTI.

  • The ANPRM proposes to reduce regulatory burdens on licensed OTIs by recognizing the developments in the law enabling their use of agents. Burdens are also reduced on OTIs that operate with branch offices: the ANPRM proposes eliminating the additional $10,000 bond amount currently required for each of a licensed OTIís branch offices. 

  • With smaller operators also in mind, the Commission specifically requested public comment in the ANPRM on how it might differentiate in its regulation between OTIs that operate in the small package or "barrel trade" and those that operate primarily in one cargo type or volume; and what might be the effects of lower financial responsibility requirements for some defined type of smaller OTI.


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