Tariff Publishing for VOCCs, U.S. & foreign based NVOCCs  

FMC tariff & Service Contract compliant value-added-service since 1991 for Licensed OTI NVOCCs, foreign registred NVOCCs and Carriers (VOCCs).

OTI application service is offered for new Ocean Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs. 

Tariff service with real shipping people (no computer nerds) verifying your data before it will be processed into a central database available to the FMC, as per FMC Rules and Regulations.

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  FMC Update on OTI Rules:

Under the new rules, OTIs will be required to renew licenses every three years through a convenient on-line portal beginning in late 2016, and an expedited hearing process will be provided for license denials, revocations, or suspensions. Revision to the OTI rules was first proposed in May of 2013 in an advance notice of proposed rulemaking, and then in October 2014 a proposed rule was issued by the Commission. The Commission received extensive comment from the industry throughout the process.

Service Contract and NVOCC Service Arrangement Rules:

Separately in its closed session, the Commission determined to move forward to seek comment on its service contract rules to clarify, update, encourage leveraging technology, and provide regulatory relief where possible. The Commission will publish the proposal and request public comment later in the year. Review of the service contract rules was initiated in response to the President Obama’s call in Executive Order 13563 to conduct a retrospective review of existing regulations.

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